Bit of background about myself is that I was a 911 Fire Dispatcher for 31 years! I retired in 2005 to pursue my passion for the art of taxidermy.

IDoug-Avenn 1970, I started taxidermy as a hobby. My first training was at Northwestern School of Taxidermy. In 1986, I attended Wisconsin American Institute of Taxidermy. Afterwards, I opened a shop that was licensed by the state. In 2004, my travels were in Iowa where I was trained by World Champion, Joe Meder.

I am also an active member of the Michigan Taxidermist Association. I represent the MTA as a board member for the Officers & Directors. I assist with the Michigan Taxidermist Association program, Dream Makers which assist children and young adults with difficult challenges. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity offered to these individuals makes their hunt the ultimate dream.

Honorable Member In The Community:
+ Vets Purple Heart
+ Hunt of a Lifetime
+ State Representative for USSA (child wish)
+ Dream Makers with Michigan Taxidermist Association

My education continues to expand by attending trade shows, seminars and competitions. I have been honored several awards in World Shows along with State Shows. These winning were awards for deer mounts in both shows. In 2014, I took a blue ribbon in Michigan Taxidermist Association Competition for Whitetail Deer successfully accomplishing Best of State for Professional Division.
Doug Aven